Back to the future with Coworkid!


Imagine a world where your child’s and your future is also in focus!

Coworkid is a family-friendly workplace. A coworking space for parents with kindergarten and nursery fit for the needs of the little ones.

Stay up-to-date, work and improve by the newest trends while your child recieves bespoke daycare with modern approach.

Become the member of a motivating, empathetic and cooperative community where sharing our knowledge, network and helping each other are essential values.


Family-friendly coworking


Sharing + Efficiency & flexibility + Cooperation

An inspiring environment which creates work-life balance whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur or freelancer.


• SHARE the space and your experience with others!
• BE EFFICIENT & FLEXIBLE, assemble your own office package and pay-per-use!
• COOPERATE, get to know your future coworkers, investors, suppliers and partners!


Training & Consultancy

Personalized + Up-to-date Education + Useful knowledge


Did you know that in Hungary…

• There is a demand for 22 000 information specialists on the labor market?
• Less then 12% of IT workers are women?

Learn skill shortages fitted to your needs and schedule while we give you career and HR consultancy for your success!


Kindergarten & Nursery

Community approach + Open-minded + Modern professional programs


Did you know that in Hungary…

• Only 16,8% of children recieves nursery care?
• The daycare of 63 480 little ones is arranged by the parents alone?

While you focus on your professional improvement or work, your child plays and flourishes in the same building as you! Professional colleagues guarantee you that children recieve modern, open-minded daycare, their competences are developing constantly and they spend their time in a creative, community environment.


Join Us!


If it’s imortant for your company…

• To create a family-friendly environment and equal opportunities,
• To grant seamless return to work for your colleagues,
• To work in a satisfied and motivated team,

… then join the Coworkid program and we design a bespoke strategy for you!

Write us an email or call us: // +36 70 318 6356